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A chance to study ‘A Brief History of Everything’

A Brief History of Everything

Evening at Emory – Humanities and Cultural Studies

American philosopher Ken Wilber writes books that combine eastern and western spirituality, psychology, biology, cultural theory, and other strands of contemporary thought to create what the author calls “integral psychology.” Wilber seeks to bridge the divide between science and religion, explain the dynamics of human consciousness and moral development, and speculate on the future evolution of our species. Despite the complexity of his thought, many of Wilber’s books are surprisingly accessible, including the textbook for this class, “A Brief History of Everything.” In this class we’ll read the book, discuss its merits, and consider how Wilber’s ideas can impact both the scientific and spiritual communities. Tuition includes textbook.

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Wed: Feb 6-Mar 5 / 7:00-9:00 pm Register now!

Instructor: Carl McColman, MA in Professional Writing and Editing, author of The Aspiring Mystic

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The Future of Integral Spirituality

The Catholic theologian Karl Rahner famously said “the Christian of tomorrow will be a mystic, or not a Christian at all.” Few people have impacted Christianity in this regard as has Fr. Thomas Keating. A Cistercian monk from St. Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado, Fr. Thomas has spent a lifetime in deep Christian practice, and in sharing the fruits of this contemplation with countless others. We were enormously blessed to host a dialogue with Fr. Thomas and Ken Wilber in April of 2006, and we’re delighted to share with you some of those beautiful moments. In this video, Ken presents some of the foundational concepts of Integral spirituality.

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The Secret – analysed by Wilber

I dearly love some people who loved ‘The Secret‘ on DVD… and I withheld my cynicism in most cases.

But the one time it mattered, the time I should have lovingly held-the-space for someone I dearly love. Made them feel empowered by the DVD and feel nurtured by me, I failed.

I let rip with my usual half-baked cynical moans. I can’t even remember what I said. And I regret saying anything.

But I still believe my intuitions were spot on.

Here’s why… if you care…
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