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Tibetan View of Reincarnation

Tibetan View of Reincarnation


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Identifying our own mind

To identify our our mind we must meditate upon its nature, its function and its location:

  1. The nature of the mind is clarity
  2. The mind functions to cognize
  3. The mind is located at the heart, inside the heart channel wheel, within the central channel.

When we can attain a rough generic image of our mind, based upon the above pointing-out instructions, and hold it for 5 mins, we have completed the first stage, Identifying our own mind.

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Six Stages of Training in Mahamudra

Geshe-la describes six stations on the “journey to the city of enlightenment”:

  1. Identifying our own mind
  2. Realizing our mind directly
  3. Identifying our subtle mind
  4. Realizing our subtle mind directly
  5. Identifying very subtle mind
  6. Realizing our very subtle mind directly.

This progression from gross to subtle to very subtle (causal) is repeated in many traditions and paths. I’d like to learn more about other stage models in order to be able to correlate them with the Kadampa ‘Oral Lineage’ teachings on Mahamudra.

For the time being, I’d like describe these stations (and the methods for attaining them) in a bit more detail.

Stay tuned.

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“may all suffering quickly cease”

A noble thought indeed. A thought designed to inspire. A wish that, if truly heartfelt, could turn a sloppy sod into a shinning saint.

The desire to end our suffering must have begun at the dawn of self-consciousness, the first moment a boundary was drawn between self and outside – me and my experience.

The Buddhas prescribe two remedies for suffering. a quick fix and a final solution…

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