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Caffeine justification – from MindHacks

I picked up a copy of MindHacks book cover last night. It’s a great set of techie pieces on the mind and brain. Something that really caught my eye was the placebo effect of the coffee/caffeine ritual.

I’m going to experiment at work, it’ll help pass the time, but the effect of decaf vs caffeinated seems very hard to distinguish between personally.

“The jury is still out on whether most caffeine addicts are really benefiting
from their compulsion to regularly consume a brown, socially acceptable,
liquid stimulant. While some killjoys claim that most addicts are just avoiding
the adverse effects of withdrawal, it is more likely that most people use
caffeine more or less optimally to help them manage their lives
. [my emphasis – oh yeah!]

“One study even went so far as to say “regular caffeine usage appears to be beneficial,
with higher users having better mental functioning.” [4] So it’s not just pleasure-
seeking, it’s performance-enhancing. ”

Read the Hack – MindHack #92   [pdf]

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