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Forgetting metaphysics for a while and actually “Getting things done”

I think Merlin want’s me for his army. Can it be mere coincidence that he completely re-designs 43Folders just as I’m starting a new job and turning over a new GTD leaf?

For sure… but that won’t stop me praising his site this day.

A great little post by new blogger Ethan Schoonover shows the shape of things to come.

The gist: Write your ToDos as if you’re delegating to someone else. Because in reality you are, you’re delegating to your future-self. Unless you’ve got a Delorian you’ll never be able to thank your former-self, but your present-self can be sure that a clearly defined task, thoroughly thought through, up-front, will pay dividends in the future.

(And I said I’d stay clear of metaphysics today!)

This is a hack in best true sense of the word. A nifty fix to get me back on the road.

I’ve just left a job and feel ever so slightly ashamed about the poor documentation and un-done (and un-doable!!!) task list I left behind for my successor.

If I’d been clearer from day one by ‘delegating to my future-self’ I’d have done more, would have had less to handover and would have had a clear list to start (and probably finish) the documentation I never really completed to my satisfaction.

Off to revist my lists, thanks a million!…dear-me-get-work


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