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How to Kill God

It’s all there,” says Bill Donohoe, the president of the Catholic League in the United States “[This new movie, The Golden Compass] tells you exactly how to kill God. All you need to do is open up a rift into another dimension, create a giant basalt fortress, amass a massive army and fight a battle with the forces of heaven.”

UnNews –
Fears film may spark fresh wave of deicides

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Duelity. Creationism vs Darwinism

A fantastic dual-screen animation showing the two dominant cosmological theories. An awesome mashup of ideas and language, using modern science and management speak to ellucidate the creationist stance and, of course, using Biblical language to expound the evolutionary view.

Great viewing, and really highlights how daft creationism really is, despite updating it, and how smart the evolutionary idea is no matter how hard you try to dumb it down!

Good work Duelity

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Two Quotes of the Day

“For me now there is only the God-space into which I send my probes…”
“Eternity is here in this small room in intervals that our love widens”

R.S. Thomas

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Ideas to die for

Memes. Fit for their own survival. Not yours.

Dan Dennett on Ants, terrorism, and the awesome power of the meme.

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Humphrys in Search of God

John Humphrys

“John Humphrys as you’ve never heard him before – talking with religious leaders about his unfulfilled desire to believe in God.” – Radio 4, 31 October 2006

A great set of interviews with religious leaders from ‘the big three’ in the UK. Asking how is faith possible in a world of suffering. Whether there a place for religion in an age dominated by science.

Voted Best New Programme in the 2006 VLV Awards for Excellence in Broadcasting, Humphrys’ guests are the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams; Professor Tariq Ramadan, Muslim academic and author; and Sir Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi.

Thank you BBC for making these available on the listen again service. Not only can we listen to the interviews as broadcast but also listen to extended versions of the interviews.


Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams

  • Programme as broadcast on 31 October 2006 (29m)
  • Extended interview part 1 (54m)
  • Extended interview part 2 (37m)

Professor Tariq Ramadan

  • Programme as broadcast on Tuesday 7th November (29m)
  • Extended interview (48m)

Sir Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi

  • Programme as broadcast on Tuesday 14th November (29m)
  • Extended interview (1h 08m)
Radio 4


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